Avalon World School Dabhoi - Principal's Desk

Message from Principal of AWS Dabhoi

Dr. Sakthivel.M Pillai - Principal of AWS Dabhoi

We believe that when a child's social and emotional needs are met, the child can participate fully in the wide range of learning opportunities at school. Children will become familiar with the routines of a classroom environment and benefit from gaining a sense of being part of a large group.

We build connections between the child's stay at school and life at home. We invite you to share your ideas, questions and concerns with us. Our goal is to build a sense of community and trust among children, parents and staff.

The teaching approach used helps enable a smooth transition from home to school. We provide ample first-hand experience of learning through various activities to develop language acquisition, social and emotional stability along with personal and intellectual skills. Hands on project work, co-curricular activities, literary activities, excursions and fieldtrips and IT provide a wide exposure to the child which helps mould the child into a unique individual.

Mr. Milind Phadke